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Green House Cleaning Is Very Important


We’ve all heard the term “green cleaning.” But, what does it actually mean? And, is it really all that important?

Green cleaning generally refers to the practice of using only non-toxic, organic, and plant-based chemicals for household cleaning. These products are not only better for the environment, but also safer and healthier for consumers to use. In order for a cleaning product to be labeled as green “verified”, it must meet strict criteria as established by the Environmental Working Group. Products are rated on an A to F scale, based on the potential health hazards if the product is inhaled, ingested, or comes into contact with skin or human tissues.

The EWG works to ensure that the products we use every day are safe for humans and pets. They research toxic chemicals in everyday products and issue product alerts so consumers are kept informed of what’s in the chemicals they use in their homes. Consumers have a right to know what’s in their cleaning supplies, as well as other household products. 

An EWG Verified mark means that the product has been thoroughly researched and tested and meets the highest standards for public health and well being. All EWG products:

  • Are free of ingredients of concern that harm health and the environment.
  • Have full disclosure of all ingredients to consumers.
  •  Meet stringent air quality standards.

New Leaf Cleaning Company uses only EWG Verified cleaning products

The EWG, and all true green cleaners, believe that cleaning should mean clean – not polluting your home with toxic chemicals. Many of the products consumers use every day in their homes are labeled as “eco friendly” or “safe for the environment” but actually contain one or more ingredients that are toxic and can cause harmful reactions. 

New Leaf Cleaning Company uses only EWG Verified products to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients. We want our clients to experience a fresh, clean, and safe home. 

We invite you to visit the EWG website for more information about the household products you use every day.

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