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Hi. I’m Kim, the owner of New Leaf Cleaning Company. I started New Leaf Cleaning Company because I’m one of those weird individuals who loves to clean. My background is in environmental biology and chemistry, so I know a thing or two about protecting the environment and making healthier lifestyle choices. Many companies claim to be “green” or say they use environmentally friendly products, but are actually using products that are not safe for your family, nor are they good for the environment. All of the products and methods we use are certified green by the Environmental Working Group and designated as a Safer Choice by the EPA. There are no exceptions to this practice. 

I’m a Boulder County resident, a nature lover, and mother of two grown children. I know how hard it is to manage a household. Finding time to clean your home can be a daunting task. That’s where we can help. We pride ourselves on reliable, exceptionally thorough, and affordable cleaning services. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you choose New Leaf Cleaning Company, you’re choosing a local, family owned company dedicated to helping you and your specific cleaning needs. 

We specialize in move-in/move-out cleaning and small business, commercial cleaning. We invite you to contact us to schedule an in-person consultation. 

If you’d like an instant quote, just answer a few simple questions on our client contact form and you’ll see your quote right away.